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We have thought & planned out everything for you, if you want to cook healthy Kenyan meals consistently.


The Kenyan Meal Plan designed to help you & your family Eat Healthy, and still Save on your kitchen budget!


We have the Meal Plan. It is accompanied by the Shopping Guide that approximates how much each weekly meal plan will cost for 4 adults.


You also get an accompanying Recipe Book for each meal in every Meal Plan… basically everything you need to get healthy meals every time.


  • It is a full 4wk menu timetable of breakfast, lunch & dinner that will run you for months in rotation

  • Offers a variety of local foods (e.g. ugali, githeri, sukuma wiki, njahi, nduma etc) as well as some healthy continental variations

  • Good for family & even organised singles (…with default shopping list, ingredients & servings for 4 adults)

  • Very strategic for planning weight loss

  • Over 30 dishes in over 70 combinations

The best part of this menu plan is that you have 3 options every week. Each of the 4 weeks of the month have options A, B & C. Option A is an affordable meal plan, meaning we are using affordable ingredients like beef.


Option B is a budget meal plan with cheaper ingredients like matumbo; while option C is expensive with more pricey ingredients like fish & chicken. You also can customize the meals to your liking, and even make changes mid-week.

Upgrade for Ksh499/Yr

When you install the app, you will get SOME of the features 100% FREE. Download and see how the app helps you eat healthy & save money on your kitchen budget. If you like what you see, you can upgrade for Ksh499 per year to get the full access.

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